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A Day and the Life of a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (766)
Day and Life of a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I love my job.  What job can be better than being a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker?

My day consists of visiting the most sweetest, intelligent, and fun clients.  I never have to worry about someone being rude to me or yelling at me just because they think I looked at them the wrong way.  Animals show nothing less than love and kindness. Sometimes, I will get a bark or a meow to let me know it is time to show them some more attention or they are hungry.

We are their voices. They cannot tell us when something is wrong. Nothing upsets me more, then when I hear or see a pet owner being cruel or yelling at their animals.  You have to remember, they are not humans, but precious animals.  They are domesticated and we need to be kind to them and treat them with the respect they deserve.

In my job, I get great daily exercise and fresh air.  Sometimes, my dog clients do walk me instead of me walking them. 

I do not have to sit at a desk and watch my back end spread. Lol.  I can also where shorts and tennis shoes if I want.

There is nobody to report to except to myself and a daily pet report card to the pets owner.  I do not have a micro-managing boss (sometimes I can be a bit demanding on myself). 

I do have a schedule and can never call out sick, but who would ever want to call out sick.  When you know you have these sweet animals waiting to see you, that is all of the motivation you need. They are waiting for me with joy in their little hearts and of course, they do have to go potty. Ha Ha Ha.

I love my business and I wouldn't trade it for any other job.  In fact, I enjoy being a pet sitter/dog walker so much, it doesn't even feel like work.

I hope you enjoyed reading this humorous Blog.

Whiskers and Tails is always on the job!