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Posted on July 28, 2014 at 8:01 PM Comments comments (247)

Leo is a brand new Whiskers and Tails Client.  He is 14 years old and is a Chow mixed breed.  

Most commonly kept as pets, Chow Chows tend to display discernment of strangers and can become fiercely protective of their owners and property. I know Leo likes me, however, when I come to his house to walk him, he still barks at me, still unsure of me. Leo's owner and I have been spending time together with Leo, so that he can get more familiar with me and feel safe.

Chow Chow's living in an apartment will need daily exercise to prevent restlessness and boredom. Upon realizing that exercise is a daily occurrence, Chow Chow will tend to be more assertive with owners in anticipation of such activities.

This breed of dog has many strong loyal bonds with friends and family, however the Chow Chow dog is usually overly protective of one or two main family member(s).

Chow Chows become very stubborn and attach to certain individuals, as they age. This is why training them when they are puppies is so crucial because they gain respect for those who care for them.

Hopefully, Leo will respect me after some persistence and patience on my part.

He is a sweetheart and deserves all  the love in the world.

Chow Chow Mikko

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 11:02 AM Comments comments (717)
Mikko is a beautiful Chow Mix.

The Chow  is an imposing character thanks to his bellowing bark and scowling expression. They originated in China and were used to hunt everything from pheasant to wolves, were commissioned to guard boats and pull carts of cargo. Today the Chow still makes an excellent guard dog, and when treated with love and respect, is himself a loving and respectful companion who tends to attach deeply to one or two members of his family. Chows are an aggressive breed, fiercely protective of their people and property and should only be adopted by experienced dog owners who have the time and energy to devote to proper training and socialization.

Chows are large, but only need moderate exercise to maintain health. They are most active in the winter months, and their thick coats can make them irritable in the summer. Several walks a day with an occasional run in the yard or park will meet their daily activity requirement. They can be equally happy in the suburbs or the city, and also thrive on farms where they have herds or flocks to watch over and protect. Chows should never be left off-leash or in an un-fenced yard, as they can be aggressive toward strangers and other animals.